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Radical Dzogchen
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The Announcement from Vajra Publications in Kathmandu:

Dear Friends,

We have the pleasure of announcing the important publication of four  books treating the view and meditation of the Tibetan Dzogchen tradition. All four are seminal texts of Dzogchen Kama, which free of later exegesis we call "radical dzogchen". Written by the two pre-eminent masters of the Dzogchen tradition in Tibet, Vairotsana and Longchenpa, these books take us back to the source of Dzogchen transmission and reveal the essence of this apex existential modality, transcending all cultural specifics, presenting the heart of Tibetan Buddhism to the western world. Keith Dowman's translation provides an easy access to these classical texts.

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Old Man Basking in the Sun: Longchenpa's Treasury of Natural Perfection
Foreword by Chogyal Namkhai Norbu
Translation and Commentary by Keith Dowman

About "Old Man Basking in the Sun"
Dzogchen is the apotheosis of Tibetan Buddhism and Longchenpa is the pre-eminent master of Dzogchen and one of Tibet's greatest mystical poets. The verses of his Treasury of Natural Perfection (Gnas lugs mdzod) written in the fourteenth century encompass and epitomize the radical precepts of Dzogchen, while his auto-commentary elaborates their meaning through a concise prose paraphrase and with illustrative quotations from the Collection of Tantras of the Ancients (Rnying ma rgyud 'bum). Transcending the Tibetan context, Longchenpa delivers a manual of wisdom for all people at all times and shows why the western world has turned to Tibet for its mystical inspiration during the last half century. This transmission of timeless wisdom of the Ancients of Tibet should take its place amongst the world's religious classics. Through the precept 'nonaction' which is savoured like 'an old man basking in the sun' Dzogchen teaches the natural perfection of all our experience, and all our lives, just as it is, without need of any alteration. This discipline provides the key not only to our inner enlightenment but to the health and survival of our planet.
From the Foreword by Chogyal Namkhai Norbu
'Now that Ati Dzogchen is spreading in the West, we need a popular translation of this extraordinary text...and the benefit will be seen as direct experience of the nature of mind. Keith Dowman, the translator, who has spent many years in communion with many great masters and fortuitously absorbed the realization of Ati Dzogchen, has overcome the deep problems of translation and produced a straight-forward English rendition. I hope that this text may bring realization of the nature of things just as they are, to all beings.'
Eye of the Storm: Vairotsana's Original Transmissions
Foreword by Bhakha Tulku Pema Rigdzin
Translation and Commentary by Keith Dowman


From the Foreword to "Eye of the Storm" by Bhakha Tulku Pema Rigdzin
'The five texts translated from Tibetan into English in this book are considered the first transmission of Dzogchen Ati to Tibet (Snga 'gyur lnga). They constitute the root and essence of Dzogchen in Tibet basic, raw Dzogchen precepts, appropriately styled 'radical Dzogchen'. This is the special, extraordinary teaching of our Nyingma lineage. The great masters have all attained realization through Dzogchen, contemporary masters all owe their status to Dzogchen, and any attainment in the future will be based on the precepts of Dzogchen Ati.'

From the blurb of James Low, author of Simply Being
Precise and poetic, authentic and elusive, these sweet translations bring the warm breath of the tradition into our daily lives. This book is a major contribution to the exciting spread of Dzogchen in modern times, providing reliable versions of key texts in language which creatively challenges our assumptions. This new work by Keith Dowman is thoughtful, ripe and poignant, rich in the fruit of years of learning, working, experiencing and letting go.'
Maya Yoga: Finding Comfort and Ease in Enchantment.
Translation and Commentary by Keith Dowman

Maya Yoga is the title of Keith Dowman\'s translation of "Finding Comfort and Ease in Enchantment" written by the inimitable Longchen Rabjampa. In the Nyingmapa School of Tibetan Buddhism, this text is considered second to none in its power to evoke the nature of the nondual reality of the Dzogchen view. With poetic mastery, Longchenpa provides the precepts that can instantly illuminate the buddha-reality that is our ordinary everyday experience. He asserts that we are presently under the spell of magical illusion and that by recognizing it we are instanteneously released from a conceptual cage into an enchanting reality which is pure pleasure itself. That reality is maya, apparent yet absent, and the recognition of it in that state of natural relaxation is maya yoga. In this renowned atiyoga manual, we find the key to the natural mystical state that Dzogchen, the Great Perfection, constantly evokes.

Spaciousness: The Radical Dzogchen of the Vajra Heart
Translation and Commentary by Keith Dowman

This famous seminal text of radical Dzogchen provides a profound yet simple poetic statement of how it is to immerse oneself in the matrix of the now, to allow pure presence and recognize buddha. It is a personal statement of a yogin-adept who, evidently, has passed through the throes of transfiguration. Certainly the magic of his poetry impresses us that way and surely this Treasury of the Dharmadhatu, the Choyingdzo, is a personal revelation of the consummation of Dzogchen. In it we are assured that over and above all the yogas and dhyanas of Hindustan, all the ritual and magic of Tibet and all the commercialized quasi-religious new-age therapies of the West there exists a simple, timeless manner of being, of easy access, requiring no onerous technique or renunciate lifestyle, that can give us a constant modicum of satisfaction in this vale of laughter and tears between birth and dying.

Keith Dowman, the translator and commentator upon these texts has spent a lifetime in study and practice of the Dzogchen tradition with the Tibetan masters in exile in India and Tibet, particularly with Dudjom Jigtral Yeshe Dorje and Kanjur Rimpoche Longchen Yeshe Dorje. His previous translations include most recently The Flight of the Garuda, an introduction to Dzogchen, and also Sky Dancer, Masters of Mahamudra and The Divine Madman. He lives in Kathmandu and teaches Dzogchen seminars and retreats in Europe and America.

With best wishes,
Bidur Dangol
Vajra Publications
Jyatha, Thamel, Nepal
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